SMM 2000 in Washington

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For several years , Piper have adapted, among other applications, to the special requirements of the ship building industry. More and more leading suppliers have come to know and appreciate the advantages of working closely together with our team of specialists in this field of activity.

Our quality thinking does not end with the manufacture of the precision components, and their assembly and subsequent test productures. Piper also assembles and, if necessary, manufactures the required sets of accessories. The tool sets are delivered in boxes either of steel or wood and are tailored to the needs of our customers and their quality requirements.
Piper are prepared to make complete sets of tool equipment exactly to the customers request and arranged in appropriate packing. Thus, we offer a complete equipment package of various Bolt Tensioners of Hydraulic Nuts with a savety devices and documentation as required, for perfect function and precise working. Based on our world wide experience, we are able to give professional advice.
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As we have been working with pressures up to 3000 bar for years, and we offer all relevant connectors, hoses and pumps, Piper Hydraulic Tensioning Elements can be designed to work in extremly small space parameters with the added advantage of the reduction in weight, of the tools. This, very often, is the precondition for progressive development of new engines.

Piper has earned a splendid reputation as a service partner. Because of our flexibility, even manufactured components can be produced overnight. Also our express service of spares' stock can be prepared for dispatch within a few hours. This is imortant for everyone who, suddenly, needs a spare part and has to keep expensive laytime as short as possible.

Surface protection is adapted to the rough working conditions. All deliveries are marked with the CE Label as far as they are subject to the EC machine directive. The high quality standards are proven by our rigorous fatique tests:
for instance, our hand pump had to produce a pressure of 3.000 bar for 150.000 cycles; this pump is still ready for use. in certain applications such as assembly shops, Bolt Tensioners are used very frequentlyand have to stand up for more than 100.000 cycles in the fatique test. We are convinced Piper Hydraulic High Pressure Tools can provide a solution that will solve your problems.

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Please come to see us on our stand 1175a in hall 1, OG, on 26. - 30. September 2000.