Piper - NEWS april 2006

Piper ExpaTen Bolts for Container Ships

In March 2006, the Aker Yards Germany shipyards in Wismar and Rostock-Warnem¨¹nde delivered the container ship type BALTIC CS 2700, which fulfils the latest international requirements, to the ship owner Schoeller Holdings Ltd.

The 221.6 m long and 29.8 m wide vessel with the Hull No. 118 and christened the CAPE MOLLINI, has a carrying capacity of approx. 37 800 t. It can carry up to 2 741 TEU (20 ft. containers).

Piper ExpaTen Bolts were used to transmit the power output of 21 770 kW from the MAN B&W 7L70MC-C main motor to the propellers and, thus, to achieve the service speed of 22 knots. These form the connection between the crankshaft and drive shaft. Piper ExpaTen Bolts provide increased safety during torque transmission.

As ExpaTen Bolts can be installed and removed quickly and easily and reused at any time, they also facilitate future repairs and maintenance and, thus, reduce expensive lay-up periods. Naturally, Piper places the appropriate Piper High-pressure Hydraulic Tool at disposal for installation and removal.

Piper competitive edge in terms of technology and its efficiency are proof that the quality and innovation policies which are put into practice ensure that, together with our customers, we are optimally equipped to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Consequently, other CS series will also be equipped with Piper products.