Piper - NEWS May 2007

Tensioning of two extruder presses in record time


Two horizontal extruder presses, each with two tie-rods and a capacity of 5MN and 10MN (500t and 1000t) respectively, were tensioned using Piper bolt tensioners.

The S 320 x 10 and S 380 x 10 SSVs were delivered in a record time of just 8 weeks after the initial enquiry.Two tie-rods (?20mm) with a total length of 7125mm were used on the 10 MN extruder press. Nuts with a S 380 x 10 thread were used for mechanical countering. On the 5 MN extruder press, each tie-rod comprises of four sections with a total length of 21,928mm. The diameter measures 260mm, the thread is S 320 x 10.

Installation was performed on-site at the new Czech customer, Vitkovice Steel AS, who were assisted by the local Piper representative IKEMA BOHEMIA s.r.o and the fitting and installation company Hutn?nbsp;Montáže.

The highest levels of precision and organisation were called for to tension the extruder presses manufactured by Vitkovice Heavy Industries with Piper bolt tensioners.

With the help of a special ball bearing roller support mechanism, total weight relief was able to be guaranteed, allowing a highly-precise, smooth installation in the shortest possible time.